UK-China Urbanisation Platform ratifies cooperation

The UK-China Urbanisation Platform has been established in the context of the Memorandum of Understanding on Enhancing Cooperation in Green and Low Carbon Urbanisation. The Platform aims to promote the UK's offer of city and city cluster development, smart cities and integrated planning and knowledge exchange.

The Platform will be managed by the China Centre for Urban Development, China's leading urban development agency.

The Platform's monthly newsletter can be found here.

The EIP-SCC representation tour visits Sustainable Energy Week

The EIP-SCC representation tour stopped off at the Brussels-hosted Sustainable Energy Week. During the week 13-17 June, representatives of EIP-SCC were available to answer attendees questions. In addition, the EIP-SCC held a further two networking sessions at the nearby Residence Palace to promote two Sustainable Urban Mobility initiatives:  Scaling-Up Smart Electro-Mobility Solutions in Europe and Sustainable Mobility in the Smart City. 

EIP-SCC launches Manifesto on Citizen Engagement online consultation

EIP-SCC has launched an online consultation for its Manifesto on Citizen Engagement. The citizen-centred approach centres around institutionalising the concepts of privacy in organisations making up the smart city value chain and integrating these concepts in the design of smart city systems and sub-systems.

The Approach will consder:

  • Privacy-by-design and default;
  • Privacy settings;
  • Data protection impact assessments;
  • And interaction with existing network and community.

And result in:

EU-China Co-Funding Mechanisms (CFM) offer another 28 million Euros to support EU-China joint research and innovation

These new funding packages will pave the way for deepened cooperation between European and Chinese research and innovation stakeholders by promoting a stronger Chinese participation in Horizon 2020. They will also be open to a variety of thematic areas such as food, agriculture, biotechnology, information and communication technology, space, aviation, energy, health, transportation, water resources, energy conservation, advanced manufacturing, new materials, sustainable urbanization and young scientists exchange activities.

Nine cities to compete for the European Capital of Innovation 2016

On 21 January, the European Commission announced the final competitors for the European Capital of Innovation 2016. 

The nine finalists are:  Amsterdam, Berlin, Eindhoven, Glasgow, Milan, Oxford, Paris, Torino and Vienna. The Commissioner also considers the achievements of each of nine shortlisted cities to be “outstanding in their own right” and he expects that they “will encourage many others to invest in their innovation ecosystems.”