BDP Manchester to deliver smart city master plan for Wuhan

The smart cities expertise of BDP Manchester took centre stage during a recent UK government/Manchester City Council mission to China focused on strengthening national and civic relationships.

BDP has been commissioned by Wuhan City Government to plan and design a new central business district (CBD). Wuhan is set to be one of CHina's eight 2025 megacities.

BDP's master plan is inspired by the industrial heritage of the area. As BDP's Gavin Elliott explains "the site is rich in historical elements that highlight the area's former industrial and manufacturing history ... Our proposals retain and reuse these elements to provide a localised character and sustainable city development."

BDP's plan for the 2.19 km square CBD includes a core business area which includes commercial workplace supported by a mix of retail, cultural, hotel, apartment and education facilities.

The master plan makes full use of the Yangtze riverside landscape and creates a new iconic skyline