Baudouin de Sonis

Trend forecaster and lobbyist, Baudouin is also executive director of e-Forum, a not-for-profit organization which delivers to its member’s products, services and representation, encourages e-Government excellence and improves the use of information and communication technologies within the public services sector.

Baudouin has started new approaches to encourage and accelerate transfer of good practices in the field of e-Government (they are Learning Journeys and dedicated working groups gathering both industry and the public sector with the objective to accelerate the transfer of Good Practices among administrations). Prior to this appointment he was Director of Partnerships and Alliances for Groupe Bull, with the principal responsibility to set up partnerships for Bull. Other responsibilities included establishing consortia, joint venture’s and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) for specific large bids. Baudouin was previously Director of International Business for the Customer Services Division. During this time, he was mainly responsible for negotiating a number of multi-country contracts. He has been with Bull for 9 years.

Baudouin was awarded a BA in 1979 and a Master of Business Administration degree in 1989. He is Associate Director at the Academia Diplomatica Europaea in Brussels and member of the LEAP Academy. Baudouin’s career started with IBM France as Sales Representative and Sales Manager. He went on to work for General Electric (USA) as Sales and Marketing Manager for France and Benelux and as Director of EU Operations.